Nzimande Urges Swift Action from NSFAS for 2024 Payments

NSFAS was urged in a recent statement by Minister Blade Nzimande to take swift action to complete student payments by 2024. The call comes amid growing concerns over delays in payments to students, which have been attributed to various challenges faced by NSFAS.

Nzimande Urges Swift Action from NSFAS

Nzimande Urges Swift Action from NSFAS

Minister Nzimande’s statement follows reports of students experiencing financial hardship due to delayed payments from NSFAS. The COVID-19 pandemic and administrative challenges have contributed to the delays.

Importance of Swift Action from NSFAS

The timely disbursement of funds is crucial for students who rely on NSFAS for financial assistance. Students who are delayed in receiving their payments may have problems meeting basic needs like accommodation, food, and transportation. As well as affecting their academic performance, it can also affect their mental health.

Swift action from NSFAS is crucial to ensuring that students receive their financial aid on time. Timely payments are essential for students to enroll in courses, purchase study materials, and cover living expenses. Delays in payments can disrupt students’ academic progress and compromise their ability to succeed.

Measures to Ensure Timely Payments

To ensure timely payments, NSFAS should implement measures such as improving its administrative processes, enhancing its communication with students and universities, and addressing technical issues promptly. NSFAS should collaborate closely with universities to streamline the payment process and reduce delays.

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Challenges Faced by NSFAS in 2024

NSFAS has faced several challenges in 2024, including increased demand for financial aid, budgetary constraints, and the need to adapt to remote working conditions. These challenges have contributed to delays in processing payments and have put pressure on NSFAS to improve its operational efficiency.

Impact of Delayed Payments on Students

Students’ access to education and pursuit of academic goals can be affected by delayed payments. Further, they may become stressed and anxious about their finances, which can have an adverse effect on their mental well-being. NSFAS has been urged to prioritize the timely disbursement of funds to minimize the impact on students. Alsd check out NSFAS altered course pass criteria for 2024 as well

Steps Taken by Nzimande to Address the Issues

Minister Nzimande has assured students that he is working closely with NSFAS to address the challenges and ensure that payments are processed without delay. He has also called on NSFAS to improve its communication with students and provide regular updates on the status of their payments.

Criticism and Response to Nzimande’s Statement

While Minister Nzimande’s statement has been welcomed by many, some critics have raised concerns about the recurring issues faced by NSFAS in processing payments. In order to resolve the root causes of the delays, more permanent solutions need to be implemented.


Minister Nzimande’s call for swift action from NSFAS highlights the importance of timely payments for students in need. It is essential for NSFAS to address the challenges it faces and ensure that students receive the financial support they require to pursue their education.

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